Organic Gyokuro Green Tea

Gyokuro Green Tea, also known as jade dew tea, is one of the finest, most expensive Japanese green teas, noted for its complex, refined flavor.

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Brewing Suggestions

For a proper cup of tea …

  • Recommended temperature: 122°-140°
  • Cover and steep to taste.
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!

In the Know

Gyokuro Green Tea is known as one of the world’s most precious and majestic Japanese green tea varieties. Also known as “jade dew,” and harvested once a year in the springtime, it’s the shading that defines the character of this tea. By lessening the photosynthesis process, its chlorophyll content increases, which diminishes the tannins, and intensifies its green tint. The result? A sweeter, less astringent tea, and an exquisite, exclusive tea drinking experience.

Interesting Notes About Gyokuro Green Tea

The shading method inhibits photosynthesis in the leaves, which is what provides it with not only a unique flavor, but a unique chemistry as well. In comparison to other teas, due to the growing methods, Gyokuro contains higher amounts of the amino acid L-theanine, as well as caffeine. Gyokuro Green Tea also shares the antioxidants and other nutrients green tea is well known for, making it as valuable for its nutrients as it is for its luxurious taste.

Buy Gyokuro Tea

If you’re looking for a rare, precious tea, Gyokuro Green Tea fits the bill. Tea drinkers across the globe who have enjoyed the quality of Gyokuro Green Tea, will affirm that their investment was worth it. The rarity makes this tea more expensive, but for the connoisseurs in your life, Gyokuro will not disappoint. Buddha Teas organic Gyokuro Green Tea provides all the flavor without a single additive.

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