Chai Tea

Our Chai Tea is a mellow, delightful blend of organic black tea and carefully selected spices. Our recipe boasts an invigorating, inviting flavor that will have you coming back again and again.

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Brewing Suggestions

For a proper cup of tea …

  • Recommended temperature: 200° – 205°
  • Cover and steep to taste.
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!

In the Know

Elegantly crafted to expose the delicate spices we intentionally combine for a subtle, yet deeply flavorful Chai, you can feel good about this exquisite antioxidant-rich brew that offers a delicate flavor, along with its neuroprotective properties. Unadulterated and organic, our caffeinated Chai is delicious no matter how you dress it up or down. Try a cup traditionally prepared with milk and sweetener, or enjoy your cup of Chai “naked.” Any way you choose to partake, you’re sure to be fully satisfied.

The Story Behind Chai

The word chai translates to tea in many Eurasian languages, however, the name has since become synonymous with the classic Indian variety in the English-speaking world. Chai first appeared in South Asia, where the aromatic brew was crafted using a blend of different spices with black tea. This infusion of spices with black tea has resulted in multiple recipes for this blend, depending on the region as well as the preferences of the drinker. At Buddha Teas, we’ve prepared our very own special mixture of tea and spices to create a unique brew of Chai certain to whisk you away on an unforgettable tea journey.

  • Cinnamon—antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Cardamom Seed—antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
  • Cloves—antioxidant, antibacterial
  • Ginger Root—tummy settling, anti-inflammatory
  • Black Pepper—stimulates digestion
  • Star Anise—antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, improves digestion

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