Seed Teas

It may seem unlikely, but seeds can make excellent teas as well! Historically, seeds were most commonly used for extracting oils, though they have been used for tea brewing as well. These small yet powerful ingredients are definitely not to be overlooked when it comes to crafting fine herbal teas. These seeds have been meticulously gathered and often offer unique flavors and benefits that cannot be found elsewhere.
While many teas are crafted from the leaf, flower, fruit or root of a plant, it is a small, almost exclusive group of teas that makes up the seed tea collection. While the seed may be small in appearance, they are often known to be potent in flavor. Humans have observed the culinary uses of seeds for thousands of years, using them as a food ingredient served whole, powdered, or crushed to produce oil. Powdered seeds are often used as seasoning, and also make these delicious seed teas.

The seed teas offered by Buddha Teas are all made from high quality, organic seed powder. Each seed used to make these teas is known for its dynamic, flavorful quality, which lends itself well to these herbal brews. Known by the name aniseed when used as a spice, the licorice-like taste of anise makes an herbal tisane that is both sweet and tart. Fennel, its botanical cousin, offers a similar licorice taste, stimulating and refreshing. The sweet, rather maple-like taste of fenugreek seed tea is a welcoming brew, so long as it isn’t over-steeped. Finally, flax seed tea imparts a pleasant nuttiness that makes for a delightful warm brew. Sample these exclusive teas and discover what secrets these tiny seeds may hold.
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