Matcha Teas

Simplicity, elegance and power come together in a single package with matcha green tea. Made of green tea leaves stone-ground into a fine powder, matcha delivers the full force of a green tea in every concentrated sip. Buddhist monks first used this tea to gain a higher sense of clarity during meditation, one of its many appealing benefits. Our organic matcha selection comes directly from a skilled matcha grower in Japan, giving you a powerful and authentic matcha experience.
Of the hundreds of varieties of tea available today, few have been so widely embraced as matcha green tea. Touted as a healthy and enjoyable beverage, the popularity of matcha has exploded across the globe in the last decade alone. With its rising fame also comes risk, as many inferior matchas appear on the stage. Tea drinkers searching for a quality matcha need to be savvier than ever to ensure they don’t end up with a cheap imitation.

The best matcha should come from Japan, the birthplace of this remarkable tea. Trained Japanese matcha growers have practiced for centuries, and few others can match their skill or quality. The leaves used for matcha should be shaded while growing, preserving their fresh green color and taste. Finally, the leaves must be stone ground into fine particles.

Buddha Teas is proud to offer a variety of authentic ceremonial grade matcha obtained from a Japanese tea grower with generations of experience. Fully organic and carefully grown, this matcha features a beautiful spring green color, silky texture and a fresh, vibrant taste – just as matcha should be. Take a sip and discover the spiritual wonder a premium matcha can provide.
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