Loose Leaf

The invention of the tea bag may have opened up the world of tea to a brand new audience, but for many tea enthusiasts, nothing beats the natural quality of a fresh loose-leaf tea. The openness of a tea infuser allows the water to circulate around the tea leaves, providing a clear, vibrant taste and allowing the tea leaves to display their full subtle complexities. Here we have chosen some of our finest teas to offer in a loose-leaf form for your personal enjoyment.
For thousands of years, cultures across the world have infused hot water with leaves, roots, fruit, seeds, even bark to create countless varieties of tisanes used for many purposes. No matter the ingredients, all of these teas were created the same way – by adding the ingredients directly into the hot water and allowing them to steep freely. Though it is no longer considered the only way to brew tea, for many, this method is still preferred.

While tea bags do offer convenience and consistency, the advantages of a loose-leaf tea are many. It lets you control the amount of tea you use, allowing you to customize the flavor as you choose. Loose-leaf tea also lets you better see the quality of the leaf, and provides a new visual aspect to your tea enjoyment. Most of all, you can use loose-leaf teas to create your own personal blends, allowing you a creative freedom no other tea can offer. For anyone interested in delving deeper into the tea world, drinking loose-leaf tea is an experience not to be missed.
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