Leaf Teas

Leaves are the most commonly used part of herbs when it comes to brewing tea. These tender leaves are gathered and dried from popular herbs and plants such as parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Today, leaf teas remain the most popular type of tea available to us, and have led to the discovery of many of the teas we enjoy today. These herbal leaf tisanes offer unique aromas and flavors.
In the herbal tea world, by far the most common type is the leaf tea. Harvested fresh from the tiniest herb to the mighty tree, leaf teas come in a variety of textures, flavors and aromas. Whether you seek a bold, distinct and flavorful tea, or something light and soothing, it can often be found among the many herbal leaf teas. For a sweeter tea, marshmallow, nettle leaf or spearmint provide a refreshing brew with a pleasant taste that lingers on the tongue. Those who seek a sharper, more exciting taste will find holy basil, eucalyptus and parsley leaf tea to be excellent choices. A savory experience awaits in every cup of sage and oregano, while mullein or ginkgo biloba tea impart their light, pleasant herbal essences with each sip.

Many of these herbal tisanes have survived for thousands of years, deeply intertwined with the history of the culture that created them. Several herbs, such as oregano, rosemary, lemon balm and spearmint, all served culinary purposes long before their introduction to the tea world. Others, like parsley, thyme, and holy basil, became intertwined into tradition and folklore. Teas like moringa and damiana were the hidden gem of their cultures for centuries, while dandelion and plantain leaf were discarded as weeds before herbalists discovered their value as herbal tea. Whatever its origin, each leaf shares its ability to brew up a fine, natural herbal tisane.
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