Gift Baskets & Bundles

Why settle for one tea when you can have them all? Our tea bundles make it simple to savor some of your favorite teas in one easy step. It’s a perfect choice for first-time tea drinkers and avid tea drinkers alike, and it also makes for an excellent gift idea! Best of all, you save on every bundle you buy. Browse through and find your perfect bundle!
Our bundle collection is designed to offer you the very best of our collection in one convenient place. We’ve planned each bundle to showcase the best of each category, giving you a chance to explore the tea world like never before. Green tea lovers will be inspired by the rich complexity of flavors in our Green Tea Bundle, while the Black Tea Bundle offers the smooth, deep taste black tea drinkers have come to adore.

New to the tea world? Try our Classic Tea Bundle, which offers a taste of each unique tea type. Herbal tea drinkers will find a tea for every occasion in our Premium Blend Bundle, and our Chakra Tea Bundle offers herbal blends specifically crafted to encourage spiritual awakening. If you crave something a little more varied, be sure to look over our Variety Bundle, which offers a full collection of some of our bestselling teas for you to enjoy. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to have a fun and fulfilling experience with any of our tea bundles!
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