Fruit Teas

The most important factor in crafting a tea blend is finding the perfect balance in all of the flavors. Our fruit tea blends highlight the captivating natural fruit flavors and complementing them with fine quality tea leaves. Each blend features real fruit pieces to infuse the most potent natural flavor, rather than relying on added flavoring or syrups. With 100% organic ingredients, these delicious fruit teas invite you to indulge your sweet tooth in a natural way.
Blending fruit with tea is by no means a new tradition. Cultures around the world have been blending tea leaves, those harvested from the Camellia sinensis plant, with pieces of fruit, flowers and herbs for centuries at least. However, as tea-making processes have shifted toward the commercial and mechanical, there has been a significant shift away from using real ingredients in favor of simply imitating their flavor. While using a natural oil or fruit essence can produce a quality tea (such as the bergamot oil used to make Earl Grey), manufactured flavors often fail to adequately duplicate the complexity and richness found in the actual fruit they mimic.

Buddha Teas chooses to use real fruit pieces in all of our fruit blends. We do this not only to maintain our standards of organic, natural purity, but also because we feel this offers you the truest and most appealing fruit flavor. Enjoy the sweetness of strawberry accented with sharp notes of ginger spice, or lush blueberry complemented by smooth black tea. Taste the tropical paradise of potent pineapple blended with light, fragrant white tea, or the harmonious blend of organic raspberries and exotic pu-erh. Whichever blend you choose, you can confidently enjoy the true taste of nature in every sip.
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