Flower Teas

Vibrant, fragrant blossoms are known to make some of the most exceptional herbal teas. Beautiful blooms like hibiscus, chamomile, and jasmine are gathered and carefully dried in order to retain their full flavors and aromas. Many of these teas boast good taste and are excellent whether they are sipped on hot or chilled over ice.
Few things demonstrate the diversity of the botanical world as quickly or as easily as flowers. With a dynamic range of colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrance, discovering the secrets of every flower could take a lifetime. Flowers are an important part of every culture, providing inspiration, evoking peace and joy, even being used as symbols to communicate thoughts and ideas. Few people can remain unmoved at the beautiful array of flowers nature has to offer.

The world of floral tea is equally impressive, offering classic favorites and hidden treasures, common teas and rarities. Chamomile delivers a taste of the familiar, a sweet and almost fruity brew perfect for curling up with. Fragrant jasmine tea is smooth and floral, graceful and enchanting as the flower itself. A subtle smoothness graces the tongue with a sip of lavender as it fills the room with its unmistakable scent. Hibiscus, on the other hand, challenges expectations with its ruby infusion, providing a delightfully tangy taste that works well hot or cold. Hops tea also brings its own unique flavor, rounding out the floral teas with a refreshing touch of bitterness. Taste and see what vibrant wonders the world of herbal teas has to offer you today.
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