Berry Teas

Berries may be small, but many of them pack powerful nutritional properties that make them perfect for herbal teas. Experience tart, mild flavors and unique berry and green tea blends. These teas have been crafted from fruits like cranberries and elderberries that have been organically grown, freshly picked and dried to craft these tantalizing yet resourceful teas.
Humans have always been drawn to the succulent berry. Rich pulp and flavorful juices combine to create a fruit that is small, but potent. For countless centuries, civilizations the world over have harvested and relied on berries as an important part of their lives, using them not only for food, but for dyes, paints, and a plethora of other uses. Naturally, these berries were also included in many beverages, from juices to alcohol, and traditional herbal teas.

Buddha Teas is proud to offer a selection of berry teas which are not only high quality and organic, but which also provide the wide range of flavors that can be found among berries. The elderberry is known to be bitter when eaten raw, but steep it into an herbal tea, and the natural sugars hidden within release to create a refreshing combination of sweet and tart. Its cousin, cranberry tea, delivers the familiar invigorating taste that has made it such a popular berry for centuries. The acai berry & green tea blend provides a lush, smooth flavor, with the rich berry flavor complemented by sweet green tea. Juniper berry is a class unto its own, not sweet, but savory and powerful. With this dynamic selection, you have the opportunity to experience the diversity of flavors berry teas have to offer.
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