Buddha Teas - FAQs

What does the USDA certification label mean?

For you, our USDA label means that you are receiving teas made from 100% organic herbs, grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and other pollutants. Rest assured, you’ll be drinking nothing less than pure, natural herbal teas that have been made from only the best organic ingredients.

Are your teas caffeine-free?

Buddha Teas offers a vast selection of herbal teas that contains many caffeine-free teas. We also carry a number of green teas, black teas, and various specialty teas and green tea blends that contain naturally occurring caffeine. If you are interested in caffeine-free teas, please refer to the caffeine-free section of our site, listed for your convenience.

Is it normal for tea bags to appear dusty or oily?

Some of our teas have been ground into a fine powder, which allows for better steeping and a stronger concentration in each cup. Because the bags are porous to allow the water to circulate within the tea bag, small amounts of tea may escape the tea bags. Natural oils present in some of the herbs may also give the tea bags an oily appearance, which is normal and not a cause for concern. Since we only use natural herbal ingredients, any staining or dust found on the tea bags is natural, and not related to any artificial additives.

Are your tea bags bleach-free?

Absolutely. We understand that many of our customers choose to drink herbal teas as part of a healthy, natural lifestyle. For this reason, we’ve taken the extra step of making certain that our tea bags are also chemical and chlorine-free, saving you from the threat of harmful dioxins and other unnecessary chemicals. As a result, our tea bags are not only healthier for you than the standard bleached variety, but are also 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Are your tea boxes recyclable?

In an effort to utilize the most environmentally conscious methods we possibly can, we have made our tea boxes from recycled materials. Our boxes are 100% recyclable, making it easier for you to do your part in remaining eco-friendly as well.

Can these teas be made iced?

All of our herbal teas and tea blends can be enjoyed hot or iced according to preference. In order to prepare a blend in its iced form, simply prepare it as you normally would. After the tea has cooled, it can be refrigerated or poured over ice as desired.

Do you ship internationally?

We are happy to provide international shipping to all of our customers provided that the teas purchased follow local laws and customs regarding the herbal teas you have ordered.

Do any of these herbal teas come with unwanted side effects?

Our teas have been made from safe herbs that very rarely present the drinker with any unwanted side effects as long as they are ingested according to recommendation. If you feel that you may be experiencing any abnormal side effects or reactions from any herbs, it is strongly advised that you seek medical advice immediately.